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Title: "Painting on Location . . . "The Sonoran Desert"
Artist: Matt Smith
Genre: Instructional/ Oil Painting
Format: DVD
Length: 1.5 hr (appr.)
Released: 2006

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Press Release:
Oak Creek Productions announces Matt Smith’s first DVD, which provides instruction on the creation of an oil painting en plein air in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. Viewers will spend a day with Matt beginning with the selection and structuring of potential scenes to paint. After settling on a scene, he provides both visual and verbal instruction starting with a blank panel and progressing through various stages to a completed painting.
The DVD is comprised of the instructional section lasting 72 minutes and a 14-minute bonus section. The bonus section includes Matt discussing the equipment and supplies he takes along when he paints outdoors, thoughts on selecting a motif, plus a slide show on a selection of his field studies.
The disc is structured so that the viewer can select specific starting points, which include 24 “scene selections”. This enables the viewer to select specific starting points for re-reviewing areas of particular interest.

DVD Description & Chapter List

For most DVD players & computers, the main menu will automatically start after inserting the DVD.

The video is divided into two sections: Main Feature & Bonus Features.  Chapter or Scene selection can be done throughout the video using your remote (Step Forward or Step Reverse buttons).  You can also select chapters via the Scene Selection menus in the main portion of the video.
Traveling to Location
Composing the Scene
Exploring the Desert
The First Painting
Finding the Scene
Formatting the Scene
The Palette
The Drawing
Massing the Foreground
Middle Ground Lay-in
The Background
Building up the Paint
Developing the Foreground
Defining the Light
Designing the Saguaros
The Palette Knife
Defining the Palo Verde
The Sky
Softening the Skyline
Foreground Rocks
Turning Form with Color & Review
The Bonus Features menu has two active buttons. The first button (upper left) starts the Bonus Material segment and the sixth button (lower right) takes you to the resources/computer link options.  You may start the Bonus Material from the first button and skip through the scenes using the Step Forward or Step Reverse buttons on your DVD remote.
Equipment & Supplies
Additional Design/Composition Scenes Discussion
Reflection of Matt's Field Studies & Previous Work
Supplies Discussion & Resources
Direct Internet Access to Matt's Website and Other Resources
Matt's Website
Supply List - SourceTek Website
Supply List - Open Box M Website
Production Company Website