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In the Spring of 2005 we headed into the desert for a day-long shoot of our first video project. The plan was simple enough: Document the day while creating an instructional video on painting outdoors (plein air) with renowned artist Matt Smith. A nationally recognized painter, Matt took us on an insightful journey on how he creates an outdoor painting.

The result of this journey was Matt's DVD titled "Painting on Location . . . The Sonoran Desert". The success of this project spread beyond the delivery of the DVD, which continues to sell strongly today. The project challenged us to master various disciplines and technologies, and to develop related partnerships which we continue to use.


The first thing a client will experience is how the creative process is achieved through a collaborative effort. The inspiration which brings focus to the ultimate concept starts with that client. From there we take the concept and work it into a viable product which recognizes and demonstrates the client's creative capabilities.

Oak Creek Productions out-performs the industry in turn-key solutions, because of its experience, use of advanced technologies, and an extensive network of partners. Couple that with unparalleled customer service and you have a full-service graphic design company that will exceed your expectations.